Enjoy a romantic carriage ride through the heart of the city of Bruges, along the canals, and historical small bridges, relaxing to the gentle sound of the hoof beat of the horse. The carriage driver will provide explanations and the horse will make a stop halfway at the Béguinage so you can put your feet on the ground. Horse drawn carriage tours are an ideal and extremely personal way to get to know Bruges. Along the way, you will find many small picturesque corners, several museums and other historic sites. Normally the carriages roll up until they reach the Béguinage and then make their way back. Depending on traffic and current events, the Tourism of Bruges may at times impose other routes. In good weather conditions, the carriages roll also at night under the magical glow of the lights (up until 10 pm). From 30 degrees Celsius onwards, we do not ride anymore. 

Standard Carriage Tours

  • For the standard horse drawn carriage tour, you must wait in line at the Carriage Station (Markt) or on Wednesday morning before noon on the Burg.
  • The same principle used with taxi cabs is also applied: first-come, first served. At times, there may be a waiting time depending on weather conditions, traffic and demand. Groups must also wait in line for carriage rides and we cannot assure that they may leave or depart at the same time. Payment must be made directly to each carriage driver. No credit cards are accepted or invoices given on the spot.
  • The price set by the city of Bruges is of € 70/half hour, per carriage (max. 5 people).

It is not possible to book standard carriage tours.

The horse drawn carriages make their way to the Béguinage.

Night tours are possible in good weather conditions, as the downtown area is beautifully lit.

Booking a Carriage Tour

You may board a carriage from your hotel, restaurant or unique catering establishment. 
It is possible to make reservations through our services or directly with each operator of the carriage you wish to book, by means of a kind of check set up by Bruges Tourism and issued by the provider.
As part of your booking, the driver must leave on time the location as to arrive at the agreed time at the pick-up location.
The driver must take into account the arrangement of the city and its traffic on the route and this may take a little extra time.
Following the pick-up location, the carriage shall roll through the standard carriage tour route. Travel time as well as the additional waiting time should also be included as part of this tour.

This will always be a multiple of the price of 70/half hour per carriage and will be confirmed following your booking.


Upon request, a common bill may be set up for groups and you will be guaranteed a reservation at the requested location.

Special Carriage Tours

It is possible to book our horse drawn carriage tours for special events such as conferences, seminars, behind the scenes sessions, or weddings and occasions where the protocol may require it... but also to meet your specific desires. The above mentioned tours can only be booked following a written request made to the authorization service department of  the City of Bruges. For this purpose, you must first state what your necessary demands are. Following approval by the Mayor, you may set up an appointment or make the booking with the operator, and our services will make sure to arrange it all.You can download the special form here and send it directly to the relevant service provider. Word document to download

Vrije tijd – vergunningen, Frank Van Ackerpromenade 2 (Stationsplein), 8000 Brugge


Once your request has been approved, we will contact you regarding your reservation.